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WW2 Japanese Model 32 Helmet.
A good sleepy, untouched Japanese Model 32 Helmet. Hand painted khaki finish speckled with rust flecks and light surface markings with firmly attached five pointed Army star. Chinstrap ribbons present and intact with some light staining and a little fraying. Liner and suspension system all present and intact with indications of the problems faced by the Japanese war economy by the wildly differing types of leather tongues. Drawstring intact. All internal pads present and appear to have never been untied with over painted Japanese character to rear of the rim indicating size. A good, untouched, dusty Japanese combat helmet.

Code: 8181Price: 445.00 GBP

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WW2 German Police Shako National Emblem.
Die struck alloy national emblem for use on the Police shako and other protective headgear in use by the police forces of the Third Reich. Exceptional condition example with clean, bright alloy, both mounting posts complete with washers and retaining nuts. Maker marked to reverse, shaped to fit shako.

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WW2 US Naval Aviator Wing.
WW2 silver gilt US Naval Aviator Wing by Hilborn & Hamburger. 70mm approx. die struck, pinback wing with safety clasp. Hallmarked to reverse with Hilborn & Hamburger mark ' HH ' and ' STER + 1/20 10K ' indicating gold plating on sterling silver base. Good, used condition with a pleasing patina.

Code: 8179Price: 65.00 GBP

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WW2 Unfired 40mm Bofors Round.
Unfired 40mm MkIIT HE Bofors Round contained in a MkIII case with original stencilling to side of case. 1945 dated projectile with alloy transit plug and original paint, this contained in a 1943 dated case and accompanied by an original No.6 cardboard transit container.
Available within UK only

Code: 8178Price: 95.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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WW2 Italian Infantry Officer's Bustina.
Quality WW2 Italian officer's Bustina for an officer of the rank of 2nd lieutenant in the VI Grenadier Regiment. Fine sage green cloth body with ear flaps retained by snap fasteners with bullion rank and regimental insignia. Blue silk lining with leather sweatband with a fold out peak, again retained by snap fasteners which shows fresh colours which is in contrast to the body which displays wear and slight fading. Manufacturer's details were probably present under a celluloid diamond in the lining crown, now absent. An excellent example of a bustina displaying various features which were expensive options at the time.

Code: 8177Price: 200.00 GBP

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Air Ministry RAF First Aid Kit-Unopened.
An Air Ministry marked MKII First Aid Kit For Air Crew, complete with all contents for burns treatment and contained within the original unopened waterproof rubberised cotton pack.
The pack is in good undamaged condition with slight marking.


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WW2 Japanese ' Senninriki ' Good Luck Belt.
Rather than receiving its power of protection through a thousand stitches, the senninriki acquired good luck by the use of a thousand chikara or power ideograms. This power is enhanced by the stitching of a coin to the centre. Measuring approx 140cms in length, this example was decorated in ink on a sheet of cotton and then folded in half to form a belt or winding, one end has a representation of the rising sun containing another exhortation or maybe a name. Shows clear signs of use, being stained and grubby but otherwise good condition. Less common than senninbari or thousand stitch belts.

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WW2 Canadian .303 Bandoleer.
1043 dated cloth bandoleer for carrying 50 rounds of MkVIIZ .303 ammunition. Clearly marked with nomenclature, Canadian WD marking and dated, in good used condition with some light staining.

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WW1 Recruiting Staff Lapel Badge.
20mm, tin and celluloid button badge for wear by Volunteer Recruiting Staff. Undecipherable manufacturing details to rim, good used condition with some foxing.

Code: 8173Price: 30.00 GBP

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Luftwaffe Belt and buckle.
Bought directly from a veteran's family along with some other random Luftwaffe items at the Prescott Gun Show this Luftwaffe belt and buckle are in good, untouched condition. Belt leather has been contemporarily altered and measures 90cm in length and has an all steel buckle. Buckle with leather tab with manufacturer's details of Herman Aurich, Dresden and dated 1941 retains approx 40% of it's original paint to obverse with a dusty and patinated reverse retaining most of it's paint finish. Good, untouched piece.

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